Arjava refers to simplicity, straightforwardness and absence of deceit. It is Believing in openness and bieng free from hypocrisy.

Aum Vaang Me Manasi Pratishthitaa Mano Me Vaachi Pratishthitam

Shantipaath of Rig Ved

It means: "May my speech(including deed) be established in(be in conformity with) my mind and may my mind be established in my speech"

Maintain honesty, renouncing deception and wrongdoing. Act honorably even in hard times. Obey the laws of your nation and locale. Pay your taxes. Be straightforward in business. Do an honest day's work. Do not bribe or accept bribes. Do not cheat, deceive or circumvent to achieve an end. Be frank with yourself. Face and accept your faults without blaming them on others.

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