Capitalsm: Every profit is a loss for someone!

The Recording Industry predicts a future loss everytime a song is downloaded. So the RIAA could sue me for "stealing" (sharing) music on my website, making me cancel my account. But then my webhost makes a future loss everytime it looses a customer. So my webhost could sue the RIAA for "stealing" it's customer.

Same goes for ISPs ! The MPAA could sue me for "stealing"(sharing) movies, putting me in jail, canceling my Internet Service Account. But then my ISP could sue the MPAA for stealing it's future profit.

Over 80% of the internet traffic was reported to be file sharing. Over 3/4 th of internet users are estimated to be file sharing. If all the so called pirates cancelled their internet subscription, imagine the loss ISPs would incurr !

-This is called Capitalism ! And the other type of economy is Gift Economy.

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