Corruption in Financial Institutions Power corrupts. Whn money is considered as power, those who have power over money are very suceptible to corruption.

Corruption in IMF & World BankEdit

There are Corruption accusations against IMF & World Bank.[1]

Corruption in Credit & Banking organizationsEdit

Credit means loan, a Credit Card is a card of loan. It is not a good idea to use loans to buy everything, because you might overspend -and that, is what these loan sharks are counting on: for you to not be able to pay back the credit, so they can confiscate your property.

Government pressure on Finance organizationsEdit

As Finance organizations that deal with money within a government system, they are also very susceptible to Government pressure.

Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, etc. banned users from sending money to WikiLeaks, due to pressure from US government.


  1. 50 Years is Enough

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