'Dharm or Dharma is a Sanskrit word (Sanskrit: धर्म, Pali: dhamma), from a root meaning "to hold up, to carry, to bear, to sustain.

Dharm means Faith, Belief, Religion, and personal Law - all at the same time. Its most generic sense is that of righteousness or duty. It also refers to an ethical way of living; it is the path one should follow to live rightly in accordance with Dharmic philosophical principles.

There are four main Dharmic Ideologies:

  • Sanatan Dharm
  • Jain Dharm
  • Buddha Dharm
  • Sikh Dharm

Dharmic Religions have some common symbols, such as OM/Aum (ॐ), Swastik (卐/卍), Lotus plant, Geese etc..

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