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Kopimism is a Religion of LAW where copying information is a sacred virtue. it has been founded by 19-year-old philosophy student Isak Gerson. The followers of the religion are called Kopimists from copy me. This "Copy Me" Idea originated from a phrase in the Bible, and propagated through the Internet as a meme.

Copy me, my brothers, just as I copy Christ himself

Bible: 1 Corinthians 11:1[1]

Kopimi is not an excuse or destination for file sharers, but the means of File Sharing.

Kopimism Laws made simple[2]:

  • All knowledge to all
  • The search for knowledge is sacred
  • The circulation of knowledge is sacred
  • The act of copying is sacred.

Kopimist Constitutional Law [3]:

  • Copying of information is ethically right.
  • Dissemination of information is ethically right.
  • Copymixing is a sacred kind of copying, moreso than the perfect, digital copying, because it expands and enhances the existing wealth of information
  • Copying or remixing information communicated by another person is seen as an act of respect and a strong expression of acceptance and Kopimistic faith.
  • The Internet is holy.
  • Code is law.

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