Guna(Quality): Sattva

Truth is that which frees the mind


Guna(Quality): Rajas

Passion(Love) is that which clouds the mind.


Guna(Quality): Tamas

Chaos is that which shrouds the darkness

  • Chaotic Anarchy: Freedom from any imposed laws, unethical self-rule (ex. street gangs, mafias, etc.)
  • Sloth: Freedom from work, ignoring duties/responsiblities, lazyness
  • Lust: Freedom to have sex
  • Gluttony : freedom to eat, anywhere, any time, any quantity
  • Greed: freedom to posses anything
  • Wrath: freedom to avenge, take revenge
  • Envy: freedom to want another's possesion


Guna(Quality): Tamas

Darkness is that which opposes the Truth.


  • Darkness
  • Death
  • Destruction
  • Ignorance
  • Censorship(secrecy) - obscuring of the truth
  • disinformation - Spreading of lies as the truth

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