Openness is a mechanism which gives decision making power to the people; generally users, employees, customers, or citizens.

Open Access Edit

Open Access gives public access to a mechanism, without additional requirement.

  • Open Access Education
    • Open Public Library
  • Open Access Operating Systems
    • Ability to install unauthorized software on the Operating System (sideloading)
    • Ability to develop and use own software without centralized authorization
    • Example: Linux, Android, Legacy Windows OS (excludes Windows RT)
  • Open Access software
    • Freeware
    • Free content
  • Open Access to Public Organization Information: Right To Knowledge (Wikipedia:EN:Right to know)

Open Systems Edit

Open Systems gives access of the decision-making process to the public community of users, producers, and contributors; rather than a centralized authority (owners, experts, boards of directors, etc.)

  • Open Source Software
  • Example: Gimp, Inkscape
  • Open Source Operating system
    • Example: Linux
  • Open Government
    • Example: Direct Democracy

Levels of OpennessEdit

  • Free access Open to all
  • Paid access Open to all
  • Free Access, restricted to a few
  • Paid access, restricted to a few

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