P2P or Peer to Peer network is reflected as Power to People network. These network empowers people to self-govern, and self manage.

P2P File SharingEdit

P2P File Sharing lets you be your own library, printing press, and distribution shop. It is the management and sharing of a personal library of digital content with the world. These private libraries are filled with Culture and educational resource from around the world.

P2P CurrencyEdit

P2P Currency lets you be your own Minting press, Treasury, transaction processor, and generate you own credit link.

  • Minting press: creates money (your country's Reserve Bank)
  • Treasury: stores money (your bank account)
  • Transaction processor: middleman (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.)
  • Credit link: Identification (credit card number, PayPal email, etc.)

P2P TV BroadcastEdit

P2P TV Broadcast lets you broadcast your own TV channel.

P2P search engineEdit

Uncensored, peer managed, search engine.

External linksEdit

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