Caste System in the Sanātana faith (Hinduism) was based on restrictions and privileges. The higher the restriction on a person, the higher privileges he or she got. There were separate communities based on these restrictions and privileges.


Quality/Attribute: Sattva
Ideals: Yamas & Niyamas
Occupation: Spirituality
Population: Saints, Monks, Priests, etc.


Quality/Attribute: Sattva & Rajas
Ideals: Code of Honor
Occupation: Society Management & Protection
Population: warriors, nobles, royalty etc.


Quality/Attribute: Rajas & Tamas
Occupation: trading, transporting, & loans
Population: merchants, businessmen, accountants, etc.


Quality/Attribute: Tamas
Occupation: manual labor
Population: farmers, plumbers, builders, miners, etc.

Corruption of the SystemEdit

In ancient times there was respect between the castes and although it was unusual, people could change their occupation, lifestyle and caste. In recent times, a new caste got created, the "untouchables" and also, the caste system got so ridged, that switching class became banned.

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